Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mike W: #93 Gummo (Harmony Korine)

These next 2 picks were both my introductions to directors i came to love who's movies individually would not place in my top 100 but who's work as a whole i believe belongs amongst this list.

What can be said about Harmony Korine that hasn't already been said. You either love or hate his movies, there is no in between. I happened to be on the love side. This was my first Harmony and will always be my favorite. 

I guess technically KIDS was my first Korine film, but i didn't know it at the time and he only wrote it, so it doesn't count. 


  1. Julien Donkey-Boy will make an appearance much higher on my list. I seriously considered including Mister Lonely, but it didn't quite make the 100.

    I'm looking forward to re-watching Gummo.

  2. Spring Breakers is the only Korine movie I've seen, and I kinda want to keep it that way - that's both a compliment and a criticism for SB.

  3. Oh man, dont judge Korine on SpringBreakers. It's his weakest work.

    1. Well, maybe that bodes well for him. There's something about Spring Breakers that I kinda like.