Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mike ODonnell 92 "Night On Earth"

Since a Dicillo flick was my last choice I figured I'd go with his classmate and counter part Jim Jarmusch. Night On Earth won't be my only Jarmusch but I'll start with it. It's obvious that Jarmusch is the king of cool, it permiates of every single film he makes. That being said I'll get into the movie

The movie is connected by 2 things, one night and a taxi. At its core it's incredibly bare bones, one of the reasons I love it so much, it's simplicity. 5 separate short films about 5 different taxi drivers make Night On Earth one single feature. Acting like world time zone clocks the film starts in LA at a certain time and ends in Helsinki as the night is turning into day. We even see each film start at the physical clock to its corresponding city before fading into incredible B roll, setting the stage and bringing life to each city outside the taxi cab itself. Each story is wonderful, with great dialogue that holds your attention thee entire time. From funny to sad and intrespoctive we travel with each guest and the driver themselves until the movie comes to a close. Great flick

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