Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mike ODonnells 94 "Hud"

Since I'm on this Newman kick I'll make 94 Hud. I dare say I love Hud even more than The Hustler, from start to finish. From landscape to the dialogue Hud shines, the score from the opening credits when Brandon De Wilde first arrived in town, to the silence that follows as he wanders the streets looking for his Uncle Hud. We get an immediate introduction to who Hud is from a bar owner sweeping up broken glass from Huds previous nights activities.

We finally stumble on Hud leaving a married woman's house to his Pink Cadillac, greeted by his nephew Brandon De Wilde. The husband comes home and they make there getaway. As the movie progresses we meet Huds father, Homer played by Melvyn Douglas to perfection. Homer is the owner of a cattle ranch, a stubborn old man who labors away day and night with nothing but love for his land, until his whole herd come down with foot and mouth.

As the ranch looks under the prognoses we begin to dive into the depths of Huds arrogance and egotism and his fathers resentment and distain for his sons character. Character is the keyword, this film is all about men and there character, what makes them and what drives them. Not to mention one of my favorite scenes of all time is in it, I've posted the link below!


  1. You're hitting on all of the Paul Newman movies that I haven't seen - it's a nice kick in the ass to check them out immediately

  2. Douglas is great in this movie.