Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mike ODonnells 95 "The Color Of Money"

While I'm on the subject my 95 is "The Color Of Money". Directed by the great Martin Scorcese, "The Color Of Money" is the perfect reprise to the masterpiece "The Hustler" Reaching further into the underbelly and seedy dives of the pool world. Color Of Money continues to explore Fast Eddie Felson now well into his old age peddling liquor at a local watering hole. From here we meet Tom Cruise aka Vince, the same as Eddie's formal self, immensely talented, wise talking and tenacious. Eddie takes Vince under his wing and takes to the road once again, accompanied by Vince's stone faced fox of a girlfriend Carmen.

The dichotomy between both worlds is extremely similar although the films themselves differ greatly,  both in feel and specifically tone. Color Of Money isn't nearly as tragic although it does dive much deeper into a now matured Eddie Felson, we still see much of the same wrecklesness, although the youthful intensity has simmered and masked itself as old mans wisdom. Tom Cruise puts on a great performance as Vince. His talent only matched by his naivety. Cruise also throws a karate element into the character, when he gets on a roll he spins and swings the pool stick like a black belt, incredible character choice and reminiscent of the same momentum Felson would pick up, fast and loose.

The film ends on an appropriate note. I won't ruin it for those who haven't scene but it works, extremely well in my opinion. A nice student/teacher thing where they both learn from one another. Bad ending to this review but fuck it


  1. Haven't seen this or The Hustler before but I can't wait to check them out. Paul Newman rules.

  2. Yesterday, I re-watched this for the first time in a couple of decades. It's fine. It's nowhere near the same league as Rossen's Hustler.