Monday, March 27, 2017

Mike ODonnells 93 "Johnny Suede"

Directed by Tom Dicillo and honestly thee only movie I've seen from him "Johnny Suede" is good. Although it's probably not good to everyone, as a matter of fact I'm sure it's gotten shit on multiple times especially with a 36% on Rotten Tomatos. A rating like that generally would disuade me from seeing a movie it did not, probably cause I didn't look at Rotten before a viewing. It was one of those very many moments I have where I binge watch a certain actors movies I've never seen. This time (obviously) it was Brad Pitt.

Falling somewhere into artistic obscurity and hanging in limbo between Jarnusch and Lynch "Suede"
Flip flops around a young man obsessed with Ricky Nelson and thee idea of fame. That idea reveals itself to Suede through a pair of shoes that fall out of the sky right ontop of him. Now armed with the sickest shoes Suede walks through life with a chip on his shoulder, expecting and imagining the best while living in a dump. The setting is a bleak one, and a seemingly empty one at times. Desheveled high-rises linger in the back drop, chain linked fences cage in empty lots full of nothing but overgrowth. Pitt however plays the character with dimless wit and a childish charm, paired with some equally hilarious dialogue at times. With appearances from Nick Cave and Katherine Keener, even some interesting sing alongs, Johnny Suede is certainly a movie to spark up a joint too and be the judge of it for yourself.

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