Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mike W #99: Welcome to the Dollhouse (Todd Solondz)

In 1995 I worked at Blockbuster video. At the time i wouldn't describe myself as an "indie" movie fan. Outside the random I-Con bootleg purchases, anime, and one or two movies recommended form friends (John)  i would say my taste in film was pretty on par with the rest of the people in my age group. It was all about Independence Day or whatever big blockbuster action flick was popular at the time.

I decided to watch everything in each genre section. Comedy, Action, etc. Starting with Comedy and in reverse alphabetical order (just because of the way the shelves were setup, the A's were the furthest away).  That said, it didn't take me long to run into this little gem (and other gems that will be populating the first 50 of this list), oddly placed in the comedy section.  I think this was the first "Indie" movie i had "discovered" on my own. The only thing "black comedy" meant to me at the time was whatever new movie Martin Lawrence or Chris Rock was in, but it would become (and some ways already was) my favorite genre in film. I just didn't know it yet. Welcome to the Dollhouse help solidify that.  

I haven't seen in a long time and plan on watching today. Thats a little bonus about this project, it gives me an excuse to watch something I've been meaning to rewatch for years but always dedicated time to other things.


  1. Haven't seen this in a long time, but I remember getting it from the "after dark" section at the video store that featured random misplaced indie movies like this along with more risque fare like Blue Velvet and Adrian Lyne's Lolita. I was all about that section.

  2. I had never heard of this movie before, so increasing awareness is another benefit to this project. Love black comedies.

  3. I don't remember much about this one, but I did see it when it came out on VHS.

    Tim Rhatigan and I had met a girl. I don't remember how we met her. Her dad owned two baseball card shops, one in Center Moriches and one in Hampton Bays. She went to school at the Catholic school in Center Moriches, I think. But somehow she knew kids from Hampton Bays too. One night, probably a summer night, I remember partying on the beach with these kids and then returning to someone's house and watching this movie. I can't remember much at all about this movie, but I still remember that night of being a stupid kid and I still remember that Catholic girl's skirt and her socks even though I can't quite remember her face.

  4. And a re-watch has me actively disliking this one. I didn't respond to it at all as a comedy. And as drama, it's too silly to be sad.