Monday, February 27, 2017

Mike ODonnell 99 "Hard Target"

Since the oscars were on last night I figured I'd hit you guys with some real cinema, Jean-Claude Van Dammes 1993 classic "Hard Target"

An absolute shout out to Richard Connells "The Most Dangerous Game" "HARD TARGET" is, in my opinion, a perfect terd. My love for this flick (outside the obvious) is its nostalgic value. Every time I stayed home sick from school I SWEAR Van Damme week was on, on either USA or TNT?? (The network escapes me) Regardless! I spent hours self medicating in various forms of martial arts and soothing cadence of Jean-Claude's accent. The concept was the first thing that nabbed me, and it came well before I'd even read Richard Connells interpretation, Humans hunting Humans? Fuck yeah. A few highlights.

1. the game of chicken where Van Damme surfs on a motorcycle and blows up a Bronco with a Pistol.

2. Fanning the hammer of a pistol (upside down) ending in a perfect roundhouse to send G.I. Buttholes cigar flying

3. The Snake Punch

4. The dude from the mummy

5. Uncle Douvee's single shot bow and arrow explosive chain reaction

Just a few to wet the whistle guys, but if you haven't visited Jean-Claude in a while I suggest you do


  1. Just looked it up. Directed by John Woo. I'm intrigued.

    I may or may not have seen this one on VHS in '93 or '94. I surely don't remember it.

  2. My dad used to watch a ton of JCVD movies when Jeff and I were kids. A favorite of mine is Sudden Death. But I'm not sure why we were never exposed to Hard Target. Never seen it. Guess my dad didn't celebrate JCVD's entire filmography