Saturday, February 25, 2017

Brandon's #100: Rio Rita

Text message:

#100 Rio Rita (S. Sylvan Simon): From 1942, a little known/seldom celebrated Abbott and Costello film that my brother and I would frequently watch on a worn VHS tape along with A&C Go to Hollywood (it was an AMC birthday tribute to Lou). The plot involves the friends, poor and destitute, working as ranch hands when they discover and dismantle a Nazi ring. The gags, both physical and verbal, stuck with me. We would watch and rewind the car gag, the mirage gag, etc. This was one of three MGM films made during their reign at Universal, as if the 90s Clippers borrowed Jordan n Horace Grant for three games. It's treatment of war anxieties, specifically the Boche amongst us, works just fine. It's a favorite, sorry not sorry.  


  1. I watched this one a few years ago on your recommendation. I remember none of it.

  2. Got a great kick out of this when I saw it. Buck Privates is probably my fav A&C film though.

  3. Haven't seen this before. Adding it to my list of movies to watch.