Sunday, March 26, 2017

JRO's #92: A Serious Man (Coens, 2009)

I spent too much time this week watching everyone else's picks and did not spend any time re-watching my own picks for this weekend.

I loved A Serious Man when it was released. I've re-watched it a handful of times on DVD since the initial couple of times in the theater (one of those with co-lister Mike W after a good dinner and liter mugs of German beer), but the last re-watch was at least a couple of years ago. I think that my appreciation for this one has cooled a bit, that I kinda feel like I've gotten everything out of this one that I'm going to get. Maybe. Maybe not. For now, it's on the list.

Since I'm not writing about it here, I'll link to my initial thoughts on my retired film blog:

I love the Coens. I will see every new film they make and I will see it as soon as I can. They would make it very high on my list of favorite living film directors. That said, they only appear three times on this list and, spoilers, the highest they appear is #47. Alas, we all know that this ranking project is stupid. Depending on my mood, I may want to watch Raising Arizona or Miller's Crossing over every single film on this list, but, spoilers, those two films aren't on my list. Ah, so it goes. Film nerd meltdown. I've toyed with the idea in the past of making a list of 1,000 films after seeing Edgar Wright's list: 1,000 films seems likes a huge number, but I'm pretty sure that if any one of us here put the time into it, we could each come up with our own 1,000 list.


  1. Great pick, though this one is not on my list. I've been meaning to rewatch it because I didn't love it when I saw it the first time. The second viewing would be make or break, I think. This one introduced many of us to Michael Stuhlbarg and I'm certainly thankful for that.

  2. Masterpiece. I remember that old dispatch and some of my petty objections. Ps I think I know one of the unexpected Coens that'll appear later