Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mike W: #92 Heavenly Creatures (Peter Jackson)

This may be the first Jackson on my list but it certainly wont be the last. He will appear here 2 more times, once a lil higher and one contender for a Top 10 slot (no, not LOTR). I'll save my praise for Jackson then.

I hated Kate Winslet until i saw this movie. Now i only kinda dislike her.

Jackson must have been smitten with Melanie Lynskey because she returns in his next movie The Frighteners (which did NOT make my 100, but def worth an honorable mention)

Jackson must NOT have liked Winslet, for she did not return in any subsequent Jackson films.

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  1. Dead Alive haunted my childhood bc the VHS cover said it was "the goriest movie ever made." I was relieved when I actually saw it. Meet the feebles was rad. Bad Taste too. I loved the LZoTR trilogy but have since fallen out of love.