Sunday, March 5, 2017

JRO's #97: The NeverEnding Story (Wolfgang Peterson, 1984)

I'm not feeling it this weekend.

My #97 pick is NeverEnding Story. It caters to every troubled young book nerd's secret wishes. 

I matter. I really, really do. I have secret friends who can humiliate those who humiliate me. Whole worlds depend on me for their continued existence.


  1. Somehow this movie didn't make it into my top #100. I thought about it, but other titles were more worthy. Artax drowning in the swamps of sadness still kills me.

  2. You're still doing better than Jason M. Poole. But hopefully you find your mojo next weekend. Off-weeks happen; hope everything else is all right.

    I have never watched The NeverEnding Story from beginning to end. I've only seen bits and pieces. I assume the running time is three hours...let me look it up...less than two hours? Wow. I also assumed that Jonathan Brandis was in the first movie. Maybe I've seen bits and pieces of the sequel? This is like reading Jack Kerouac, I'm sure.

    Would it be difficult for a thirty-year-old man to get into this one? I'm betting yes, but maybe I'll check it out anyway.