Saturday, April 8, 2017

JRO's #88: Modern Times (Charles Chaplin, 1936)

I guess this is my favorite Chaplin because it's the only one on my list. I guess it's also my favorite silent film because it's the only one on my list.

I think it's just my mood, but I don't even care about this film at this moment and am wondering why it's on my list.

Bleh. Forced blogging. But at least I posted. Happy #88.


  1. I feel guilty because I removed the only Chaplin film on my list a while back and replaced it with something else. No one can deny Chaplin's skills and his contributions to film, but when I think about silent movies, it's not something that I would choose to watch over most talkies. For whatever reason, silent films feel a bit like a chore, but I want to like them more than I currently do. I also need to see more of Chaplin's films; I've only seen three.

  2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that you didn't make a mistake with this one

  3. Chris,

    I'll go through silent phases every once in a while, watching several silents in a row. It's usually in Winter for whatever reason. There are many, many silent films that I respect, but I guess that I don't really love any.


    It's a great film, no doubt. It'd be on my 1000.

    I guess I was just trying to convey that I don't love this film the way I do so many others on the list. I've been in a simplifying phase and trying to get rid of things. Looking at this DVD, I didn't feel like I needed to keep it. But it's probably just my current mood and when I re-watch this, I'll know I was being an idiot.